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Movie Title Rating
Single Sentence Synopsis of film


7th Voyage of Sinbad, the x8 1.1.19 Captain Sinbad sails to an island full of monsters on a quest to save his beloved princess, coping with an evil magician's schemes along the way.
20 Million Miles To Earth x7 7.7.05 The first spaceship to land on Venus crashes into the Mediterranean on its return trip, freeing a small Venusian creature brought back by the crew which then goes on a rampage in Italy…and it doesn’t stay small.



Alligator People, The x4 10.10.04
A woman participating in a hypno-regression experiment recalls repressed memories from years earlier, when a search for her missing husband turned up horrifying results in a Louisiana swamp.
Angry Red Planet, The x6 3.15.10
The first manned expedition to the planet Mars discovers that the inhabitants are not exactly happy to see them.




Blacula x7 2.15.10
An African prince transformed into a vampire by Count Dracula himself, is awakened after nearly 200 years in modern Los Angeles, where he seeks to be reunited with the reincarnation of his lost wife.
Blob, The x9 9.11.07
A meteorite crashes to earth, bringing with it both an amoeba like organism that absorbs anyone it comes into contact with, and trouble for the teens of a small town, who cannot convince the authorities of the creature’s presence.
Blood Beast Terror, The x5 12.4.11
A 19th century English police detective investigates a series of murders where all the victims have been drained of blood, uncovering one scientist’s dark secret and the deadly creature he is protecting.
Boogens, The x6 2.15.16 The efforts to re-open a Colorado silver mine closed for the past 70 years unleash a horde of carnivorous turtle-like monsters on the unsuspecting population, including a group of horny young people.
Burial Ground x3 3.3.06
A group of pathetically stupid people are trapped in a country villa when ancient Etruscan zombies return to life and seek to make a meal of them, exhibiting far more intelligence than the living folks in the process.




Conan The Barbarian x9 2.21.05
An epic tale set in a forgotten past of a child sold into slavery who as an adult seeks revenge against the man responsible for the massacre of his people.
Creature From Black Lake x7 1.10.10
Two students from the University of Chicago travel to the Louisiana swamps in search of a legendary bipedal primate reported to live in the area.
Curse of Bigfoot x3 5.18.18
A high school class watches horror movies, hears tales about Bigfoot and is subjected to a flashback account of a high school archaeology field trip gone horribly awry in this mess of a film.
Curse of the Faceless Man x3 3.27.11 The mummy-like body of a slave killed in ancient Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted, is unearthed in modern times where it promptly begins walking around and terrorizing people.




Dead-Alive x7 10.17.04
A shy young man with a domineering mother must learn to cope with mom's new habits when a bite from a Sumatran Rat Monkey turns her into a flesh eating zombie who escapes time and again in this "mother" of all zombie flicks.
Deadly Mantis, The x7 5.1.16 A volcanic erruption awakens a gigantic mantis that has been frozen in the arctic ice for millions of years and which promptly goes on a rampage, eating everyone it comes across.
Destination Inner Space x6 1.15.16 A Navy officer and a group of scientists trapped at an isolated underwater base must confront a deadly visitor from another world.
Devil's Partner, The x5 1.8.06
An old hermit makes a pact with the devil, is resurrected as a young man and then uses black magic to woo a woman and attempt to kill his rival for her affections.




Earth vs. the Flying Saucers x6 4.27.18
A scientist must race against the clock to devise a means of defense after aliens in a fleet of flying saucers announce their intention to conquer the earth.
Earth vs. the Spider x6 2.24.08 A giant spider living in a cave menaces a small mountain town while brainless teenagers get themselves into trouble.
Evilspeak x4 1.16.05
An orphaned military cadet who is something of a social outcast, gets revenge against his tormentors by using his computer to raise the demonic spirit of a deceased devil worshipper.




Fiend Without A Face x7 5.22.05
A Scientist, experimenting with telekinetic powers enhanced by an atomic reactor, succeeds in creating a new form of invisible life that feeds by sucking out people’s brains.
Forest, The x2 4.23.07
Two couples encounter a crazy killer and numerous ghosts when they decide to go camping in the woods.
From Hell It Came x4 3.15.16 On a South Pacific island, a native wrongly put to death by his tribe vows to return from the grave to seek revenge, a feat he accomplishes in the form of a walking tree thanks to the radiation from an atomic bomb test.




Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow x5 11.7.04
Fast cars, Rock ‘n’ Roll and ghosts are the result when a bunch of car-loving kids go looking for a new place to base their hotrod club.
Giant Claw, The x7 2.24.08
A gigantic and asinine-looking buzzard from an anti-matter galaxy descends upon the Earth to build itself a nest, with both global (and unintentionally funny) repercussions.
Godzilla King Of The Monsters x8 1.1.10
H bomb testing in the south pacific resurrects Godzilla, a towering 400-foot tall lizard from the prehistoric past, who then proceeds to flatten the city of Tokyo.
Grizzly x6 11.26.06
A huge Grizzly Bear terrorizes campers and rangers alike at a national park, despite efforts to kill the beast.




Horrors Of Spider Island x5 2.21.05
A group of curvaceous female dancers washes ashore on a pacific island after their plane crashes, but soon a bite from a strange spider transforms their manager into a murdering man-beast.
House By The Cemetery, The x5 6.13.06
A researcher moves his family from New York City to a small New England town only to discover that the house they have rented contains all sorts of nasty surprises, especially in the cellar.
Humanoids From The Deep x6 7.22.07
Horny Fish-men rise from the sea to attack the inhabitants of a small coastal community.
Hunchback of the Morgue x7 6.2.10
A hunchback pines for his deceased love, while aiding a mad scientist in his less than legal experiments.




Invisible Invaders x4 9.3.06
As the world is overrun by invisible invaders from outer space who possess the bodies of the dead, a small group of scientists in an underground bunker must work quickly to devise a way to repel the aliens.
It! The Terror From Beyond Space x8 12.12.04
The crew of a spaceship returning from Mars must deal with a dangerous stow-away who is determined to make a meal of them all.




Journey To The Seventh Planet x4 5.14.05
The five man crew of a rocket ship investigating strange radiation emanating from the planet Uranus discovers an illusory world controlled by a weird alien brain.




Killer Shrews, The x4 9.26.05
A group of people must contend with hundreds of giant killer shrews when trapped on an island during a storm.
Killers From Space
x4 1.1.16 A scientist is kidnapped by bug-eyed aliens and hypnotized into aiding them in their plans for global conquest.
King Dinosaur x3 4.15.16 Four morons, including a raging misogynist, travel by rocket to a new planet that has entered the solar system, encountering stock footage animals and some giant reptiles when they arrive.
Kingdom of the Spiders x7 3.1.10
An Arizona desert community, led by William Shatner, must face millions of hungry tarantulas, the result of screwing with the food chain by the overuse of DDT.




Legend Of Hell House, The x5 9.11.05
A scientist and a pair of mediums investigate an infamous haunted house in hopes of proving once and for all if there is life after death.
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie x6 4.1.16 A pair of young people run afoul of the living dead, closed-minded cops and a wacky new insect-destroying machine while in the English countryside.




Megalodon x4 6.20.10
An offshore oil rig unleashes the mother of all sharks when it drills into a previously unknown cavern deep beneath the ocean floor.
Mighty Peking Man, The x4 2.1.10
An expedition into the Indian jungles brings back a hot blonde chick and a giant ape to Hong Kong where tragedy ensues.
Mole People, The x5 7.20.08
Deep under an Asian mountain, a group of archaeologists discover a subterranean realm where an ancient Sumerian civilization has enslaved a race of bipedal burrowing creatures.
Monolith Monsters, The x7 1.1.10
A meteorite brings with it strange rocks that grow into towering spires that then threaten a small desert community.
Monster From Green Hell x3 8.3.05
Scientists shoot wasps into space to study the affects of radiation, but then must travel to Africa when the rocket crashes and the insects grow to gigantic proportions.
Monster On The Campus x5 7.1.07
A university professor de-evolves into a murderous apeman when irradiated coelacanth blood is accidentally introduced into his own bloodstream.
My Bloody Valentine x6 2.8.10
20 years after a tragic mine explosion and subsequent murder spree, has the original killer returned to punish the people of a small Canadian town for not heeding his warning to never again hold a Valentine's Day dance?




Night Fright x3 10.11.11
A government rocket carrying mutated animals crashes near a small Texas community, releasing the biggest and meanest beast of the bunch, which promptly goes on a killing rampage.
Night Of The Demons x6 11.26.07
A disparate group of moron teenagers throwing a party on Halloween night in an abandoned funeral home with a tragic history, conjure up more than they can deal with when they decide to conduct a séance.
Night Of The Living Dead x8 6.26.05
A disparate group of people seeks refuge in an abandoned farmhouse one night when strange phenomena cause the dead to return to life and seek human flesh to devour.




One Million AC/DC 3.28.10
A tribe of dirty, greasy, scabby and overly stupid cavemen and cavewomen contend with the harsh realities of the prehistoric world by having constant sex.
One Million Years B.C. x7 12.5.05
Banished from one tribe, a caveman must contend with giant dinosaurs, busty babes, a new tribe, busty babes, Neanderthals, busty babes, a barren landscape and…busty babes during his subsequent adventures.




Premature Burial, The x6 10.16.05
A man is so haunted by his fears of being buried alive, that he goes to great lengths to avoid such a fate, but destiny cannot be deterred.
Psychic Killer x5 2.1.16 A man who is wrongly imprisoned inherits the ability to project his psychic force across large distances, allowing him to seek revenge on those whom he feels has wronged him.




Queen Of Outer Space x4 3.29.08
The all male crew of a rocket ship crash lands on the planet Venus, where they discover a society comprised solely of hot babes, the Queen of which, plans to destroy the Earth.




Raiders of Atlantis, The x5 3.1.16
A diverse group of people must contend with the an army of murderous morons when the lost island of Atlantis rises from the ocean depths, in this Italian-made epic.
Reptilicus x4 11.7.05 The frozen tail of a giant prehistoric reptile is discovered and thawed out, allowing the appendage to regenerate and the newly reformed creature to rampage across Denmark.




Shadowzone x6 3.29.08
A small group of people are trapped in an underground complex when experiments in deep sleep open a door to a parallel dimension and release a murderous, shapeshifting lifeform.
She Demons x3 11.2.08
A group of morons finds themselves washed ashore on an unknown island after a fierce hurricane and soon discover that the place is already home to fugitive Nazi's as well as some truly ugly native women.
Silent Night, Deadly Night x6 7.20.08
A small child who watches his parents butchered by a man in a Santa suit grows up to continue the cycle of violence, believing that it is Santa's job to punish the bad people of the world.
Snowbeast x5 10.10.04
A Sasquatch/Yeti creature drops in on a Colorado mountain skiing community during a winter carnival and decides to have some fun at the expense of the local yokels.
Snow Creature, The x2 2.18.11
A botanist manages to bag a Yeti while exploring the Himalayas and brings it back to Los Angeles, where the beast escapes and goes on one of the lamest monster rampages ever committed to the silver screen.




Tarantula x8 7.20.10
Scientists hoping to find a way to feed Earth's growing population accidentally create a giant tarantula that wanders through the Arizona desert, eating people and livestock, while growing larger every day.
Tentacles x4 4.28.08
A giant octopus visits a southern California seaside community, snacking on the locals, ruining a regatta and generally making a nuisance of itself until a marine biologist and his pair of pet Orcas are brought in to hunt the beast.
Thing From Another World, The x9 11.28.04
A group of Airforce personnel and scientists trapped at an isolated arctic base must confront a deadly visitor from another world.
Trick or Treat x5 6.3.08
A young heavy metal fan resurrects the spirit of his dead idol, who helps him get revenge on those who wronged him, before embarking a killing spree of his own.




Undertaker And His Pals, The x4 6.7.05
A creepy undertaker teams up with two weirdos who run a diner in order to increase the traffic for both of their businesses.
Unknown Island x4 8.21.07
An engaged couple finance an expedition to an uncharted South Pacific island where they encounter dinosaurs, giant prehistoric primates and worst of all: lecherous sea captains




Viking Women And The Sea Serpent x5 2.19.07
A group of love-starved Viking women build a ship and set sail across the sea to find their missing men folk, only to be captured by the same barbarians that hold their men captive…and they see a sea serpent…twice.




War Of The Colossal Beast x3 4.16.06
After having survived a fall off Boulder Dam in the first movie, Glen Manning, the giant, bald...and now cycloptic man; is located in Mexico, rounded up and brought back to the USA where he gets loose in Los Angeles.
Without Warning x6 4.12.18 A seven foot tall alien arrives on Earth to hunt his favorite prey: horny young people and testy old country folk.



X The Unknown x8 3.20.05
After a fissure opens in the Scottish countryside, something strange and deadly emerges from the Earth’s depths to roam the land in search of radioactive materials to ingest and unlucky locals to melt into goop.




Nothing yet x? ?.?.? ?




Zombie Lake x1 4.17.05
A group of German soldiers, killed by the French resistance during WWII and dumped into a lake, return as zombies to wreak havoc on the inhabitants of a nearby French town.
Zombies of Mora Tau x3 4.27.10
A group of American treasure hunters travel to Africa to recover the diamonds lost in a 19th century shipwreck, unaware of the annoying locals that inhabit the area or the group of zombies guarding the treasure.



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