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This month The Graveyard plays host to the Full Moon Rising Roundtable, which takes a look at films from producer/director Charles Band, whether they be directly from Full Moon Entertainment, the older Empire Pictures studio or any other outfit through which he has foisted his unique brand of low budget films off on the public.
Badmovies.org Seed People At the end of the meeting, the locals all stumble away into the night, looking for some hard liquor to wipe away the after effects of Tom's lecture. One of them hangs around, not because he is a glutton for punishment and wants to hear more about Tom's space rocks, but because he found a weird rock and thinks it might be another meteorite. Tom takes the oddly-shaped object and is mystified by it. The "meteorite" looks like a huge peach pit.
Darksider's Realm Laserblast While driving, Billy sees a Star Wars sign and blows it to pieces.  I sure as hell hope that wasn't a knock on the film set in a galaxy far far away.  That would be like a piece of meat loaf blowing up a piece of filet mignon.
Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard Shadowzone I'm guessing the shape changing monster took the form of Sally Struthers in a dominatrix outfit. That would certainly make me crap my drawers if I saw it coming my way.
Side Order of Ninjas Shrunken Heads The shrunken head monotone and how each killing will help feed their vengeance to purge their emotions makes them sound like psychotic disembodied Vulcans.
The Tomb of Anubis

Kraa the Sea Monster

Zarkorr the Invader

ANY kind of military attack would've been appreciated, even if I had to look at model planes on fishing line or wind up tanks with the keys exposed. But, alas, we received nothing. All we get is one badly animated computer graphic of a flying triangle… Ed Wood at least gave us pie tins on strings, damn it!

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