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Are you ever going to post new reviews, you lazy bastard?

Yes! As of Fall of 2015, I am working - albeit slowly - to bring the site back to life. First will be a small update to existing pages and then hopefully some new reviews! I took a few years off to pursue other projects, but increasingly over time, I have felt the urge to return to writing for this site. Stay tuned!


What kind of movies do you review here?

As a devoted fan of all things science fiction, fantasy and horror I gravitate towards films that feature such themes. Growing up as I did and being exposed to films from the 1940’s and 1950’s a great deal, I cultivated a love and passion for such movies from all eras. Thus, the vast majority of films that will pop up on this site will fit into one of those categories, whether it be an 80’s slasher flick, a 50’s giant radioactive monster movie, a 60’s gothic horror epic, a classic Universal horror from the 30’s or 40’s, or anything else from the last 75 years or so.


What movies do you like the best?

Personally, I love films from the 1950’s the best. There is just something about the American culture of that decade permeating those films that really draws me to them. It can be a cheezy alien invasion story, a movie with gigantic radioactive bugs or anything else – if it is from the 50’s, I’m guaranteed to love it.


How do you pick the movies you review?

Through a complex formula involving planetary alignments, NASDAQ numbers, barometric pressure at predetermined locations around the globe and the current contents of my refrigerator. Actually, I just pick whatever film jumps out at me the most.


How can you stand to watch these terrible movies?

Lots and lots of practice. Not to sound like some annoying old person, but I grew up in a time before such neato inventions like Cable TV, Home Video, On Demand Movies, downloading off the internet and any other method by which a person can see the exact film they want to see, right now. Back when I was a kid, we took what we could get and that often meant tuning into some godawful movies in the wee hours of the night. We didn’t dare miss them, and we had no way to record them so we ended up subjecting ourselves to both the good and the bad. All those years of such movie watching has helped to build an immunity to such craptacular films.


I like classic B-Movies too. Can I write a guest review for your site?

Unfortunately, although many sites actually feature guest reviews, mine does not. I don’t want to sound too snarky, but this site is a personal labor of love for me and I just don’t wish to give that up. My suggestion to anyone who wants to write reviews is this: open your own review site. Its fun and its a great way to really get involved in something that you already love, but on an even deeper level. Just be prepared for some hard work.


Didn't the reviews on this site used to be longer?

Yes. For the first four years of the site, the reviews were quite long, extremely detailed and loaded with content. The problem was, each review took me three to four weeks to complete. I could do them faster, but I'd be so burned out by the time I was done that I would let a month or two go by before completing another one. Now, with time even more of a precious commodity than before, I decided to drop the super long format and go with something that would be much easier (and quicker) to produce.


How many movies do you have waiting to be reviewed?

Dozens and dozens. While I have numerous films marked for eventual review, I usually only have two or three lined up at any given time. Suffice to say that at the rate I’m going, I’ll still be at this when films that were released this past year are considered old.


Do you do anything else in your spare time?

Spare time? What’s that? Seriously, the reason the site sat for over a full year without an update is because I set aside 2009 to work exclusively on a single project: my writing. I've long talked about being a writer and one of the hopes when I began this site was that it would lead to more fiction writing. I put the site aside for 2009 and concentrated on my fiction, which worked out rather well. This is another reason for the new, shorter format. I intend to maintain my burgeoning career as a horror writer while still working regularly on this place.

How many movies do you have in your B-Movie Collection?

While not all of them would be considered “B Movies,” I have over 2500 film titles in my DVD collection.


Do you own all the movies that you review here or do you rent them?

While I may rent a movie that I have never seen before, if I decide to review it for the Graveyard, I will go ahead and purchase a copy...so yes, I have paid good money for all the movies reviewed here, even the crappy ones.

Have a question?

Email me at burningdarkness at wavecable dot com



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