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The B-Masters Cabal

The B-Masters Cabal Main Site - The Official Homepage of the B-Masters Cabal. It contains the most recent updates of all the member sites, a listing of past (and recent) roundtables, and a review database for each of the Cabal sites.

1,000 Misspent Hours and Counting - Scott aka El Santo has a massive collection of reviews covering hundreds of classic cult and b-film titles. Though the site's layout is simple, the writing more than makes up for it! Personally, I love his willingness to use "bad words" to stress how shitty some movies, directors, actors, etc can be! One of my personal favorites.

And You Call Yourself a Scientist?! - Liz has reviewed tons of b-movies, as well as horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films. As a scientist, she brings a unique viewpoint to many of the bad movies we all love. While visiting also be sure to go to the Immortal Dialogue section.

B-Notes - The Enigmatic Apostic has written some of the best and most in depth reviews for quite a few b-movies. After a year off, he has returned to once again bear the burden of reviewing b-movies.

The Bad Movie Report - Dr. Freex has covered many a bad movie. The reviews here are well written, and are rated according to the movie's party appeal and mst3k-ibility! Dr. Freex is the preeminent B-Movie authority on the web, having made one himself! Be sure to read his account on the making of his film, "Forever Evil."

Braineater.com - One of the newest member of the B-Masters Cabal! This site contains quite a few well-written reviews and a hilarious Parodies section that is a must see!

Cold Fusion Video Reviews - Awesome site with tons of reviews! Nathan updates often and goes on "video binges" every now and then. The reviews are all well written and come complete with captioned video stills! You owe it to yourself to pay this site a visit!

Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension - A well established b-movie review website with some of the most in depth reviews I've ever layed eyes on. A movie critic after my own heart!

Oh the Humanity! - Yet another site that isn't updated anymore (such a sad sight to see really). But don't let that stop you from looking at everything that's already there! There's well written reviews and other goodies to be found here.

Opposable Thumb Films - Joe rates movies on the Hoff-scale (yes I'm speaking of course about the David Hasslehoff). His reviews are excellent and come complete with some screenshots.

Stomp Tokyo - Chris and Scott have built up a veritable empire on the world wide web. This is pretty much the flagship of their b-movie armada. Though they cover tons of giant monster films, they've covered many other types of films in the b-movie genre. This was the first B-Movie site I ever came across and remains in my all time top five.

Teleport City - This guy covers tons of martial arts movies and anything exploitive. All the reviews are well written and are fleshed out with screenshots from the movies. I guarantee you will find a lot of obscure films in the review archives.

The Unknown Movies Page - Greywizard revels in the "obscure, unknown, and little shown." He has a plethora of reviews for a great deal many obscurities. And he's always happy to lend a hand in seeking out an unknown movie that you may be searching for.




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