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B-Movie Shopping

Amazon.com - Looking to buy any of the movies featured on my site?! Here's the first place to look! Amazon has the largest selection of b-movies, cult movies, horror flicks, and sci-fi classics that I've ever seen! And the prices are pretty reasonable as well!

Boulevard Movies.com - Your destination for hard-to-find DVDs & blu-rays in the cult classic, horror, sci-fi and exploitation genres. Forgotten retro cinema of the 70's and 80's from grindhouse to art house. They also stock up on new releases of independent and world cinema.

Cash For Cd's - This site allows you to sell your unwanted CD's and DVD's, kinda like you would at a local record store.  You look in their database to see if they're buying that particular CD or DVD, if they are then you offer to sell it to them.  They send you a shipping package, you send them the stuff, and they send you a check.

CheesyFlix.com - The very best location for MST3K Episodes, thousands of Cheesy Movies and Old Time Radio!

Deep Discount DVD - They don't have the largest selection on the net but they do claim to have the lowest overall prices.  I've heard from people that they've had good dealings with this company.

Hollywood Memorabilia.com - Your premiere destination for authentic entertainment memorabilia and Hollywood collectibles.

Lucifera Illuminatrix - The place where European fans can locate many obscure titles in the sexploitation, cult and hardcore genres. You must be 18 years of age to enter the site.

Movies Unlimited.com - Movies Unlimited has a HUGE selection of b-films (and of course mainstream films as well). Though pricy at times, Movies Unlimited boasts the largest collection of out of print titles for sale! Go check out their selection now!

SV Bell.com - SV has a huge selection of movie trailers, wallpapers, and other really cool downloads! He's liquidating the last of his sale items so head on over before they're gone!

Video Daikaiju - Looking for that hard to find kaiju film? Then look no further. Video Daikaiju stocks over 1,000 different titles from the Godzilla series to Kamen Rider to Ultraman! So click on over and get yourself a catalogue now (which contains nearly 100 titles on DVD)! I've dealt with them many times and I highly recommend you order some movies from them! They treat their customers right!


Movie Companies That Release B-Movies

Alpha Video - Alpha releases literally tons of very inexpensive B-Movie DVD's.  The quality of their releases aren't up to say Kino's or Image's standards, but the quality is almost always good.  And for the price, you just can't beat them if you want to build your B-Movie DVD collection.

Anchor Bay - Anchor Bay has a fair amount of B-Movie releases including many horror and scifi films from the 80's.

Dark Sky Films - Dedicated to the discovery, preservation and production of new and classic horror, sci-fi and cult films from around the world.

Full Moon Direct - The best place to find new and classic films from Full Moon. Check out their box set collections! Plus collectibles and vidcasts from Charles Band himself!

MGM - MGM has released a good collection of classic B-Movies.  The Midnite Movies collection has some real classics including Vincent Price movies.  

Retromedia - Retromedia has been releasing a very large number of B-Movie classics on DVD.  The DVD's are usually decent quality and include some informative liner notes.

Something Weird Video - Something Weird Video has a huge selection of VHS and DVD releases that can only be described as bizarre and avant-guarde.

Synapse Films - Synapse does an absolutely beautiful job on it's DVD releases, bringing you the best possible visual and audio quality.  Anytime you're looking for a film and you find that both Synapse and another company have released it, always go for the Synapse release.  You won't be disappointed.






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