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Other Great Sites To Visit

Blondie: The Movie Series - A great new site that has loads of information about Columbia Pictures' series of Blondie movies (based on the comic strip)! It's quite interesting and is definitely worth a look!

CHUD.com - One of the biggest movie news sites out there! These guys cover everything possible: comic books, mainstream films, cult movies, and more! Definitely pay this site a visit when you want to keep up to date on anything film related.

Cinefania Online - Spectacular site that contains hundreds of movie wallpapers, midi files, movie scripts, T.V. show episode guides, web polls, and much more!

Cinema Insomnia - Remember the old TV horror movie matinee hosts of years gone by? Well those days are back with Mr. Lobo, who hosts this weekly show that features the best in bad movies, or as he would call them, "misunderstood."

An Extreme Tribute to the Switchblade Sisters - Great site that's solely devoted to the cult classic film, Switchblade Sisters. The awesome graphics and backgrounds alone make this site a must see!

Film and T.V. Connection - Film and TV Connection is an entertainment industry school with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major film studios, video production companies, radio and TV stations, recording studios and record labels.

FutureMovies - A very excellent film site covering what's new and what's coming in the film world.  Also has articles, interviews, a section for filmmakers, and a whole lot more.

The Internet Movie Database - THE place to search when looking for a specific movie, director, actor, or genre. Thanks to this site, my reviews are much more accurate than they used to be.

Ken Landgraf.com - Ken's a great guy and a damned good artist! He's worked for both Marvel and DC Comics and has drawn a number of superheroes, including Wolverine and Hawkman! Ken's site contains a few galleries of his artwork and a link to his E-bay auctions where you can buy some of his artwork!

Monster Horror Chiller Theater - This wonderful site has tons of stuff to go through including a list of upcoming DVD and theatrical releases, movie poster galleries, lots of images from classic monster products and ads, a poll in which you can vote for your favorite monster, galleries of films' title screens and lots of other cool stuff. This site really makes me feel like a kid again. Highly recommended!

The Movies Online.com - This is a great manually edited directory of all kinds of movie related sites. If it's movie related and you're looking for it, then you'll probably find a site in this directory that has it.

Movie Parrot - This place specializes in quotes from all manner of movies. Famous quotes, funny quotes, cheesy quotes, you name it!

Off Beat Cinema - Off Beat Cinema is a two hour hosted movie show that airs on television stations throughout North America, featuring the finest in cult movies, movies that MUST be shown, "the Good, the Bad, the Foreign"

Slacker's Sci-Fi Source - Looking for information on anything sci-fi? This is where to go! There's reviews, movie news, games, message boards and more to be found here! Also look through the massive collection of links they have to find other quality sites!

Stogie Brothers - The words to describe this site fail me right now. Part satire, part parody, part news site, part art site part everything. You'll just have to check it out.



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