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Kaiju & Related Sites

Barry's Temple of Godzilla - One of the largest and oldest Godzilla fan-sites on the web. The site contains movie reviews for all twenty-eight Godzilla films, sounds clips, trading card and photo galleries, online novels, and more.

Chibi-Goji Toys - Looking for Godzilla, Gamera, or other kaiju toys? Then look no further because this company carries it all! Wow, what a selection!

Clawmark Toys - Another large seller of kaiju toys. These guys always stock up on the newest Godzilla toys from Japan!

Conster's Museum of Godzilla - One of the oldest fan-sites on the web has found a new home. Conster's Museum has tons of stuff to go through, so much that it'd take too long to list it all here. From reviews, to midis, to photo galleries, and humorous kaiju articles, this online "museum" has it all!

God of Monsters - A nice looking site that pays tribute to the (king) God of the monsters, GODZILLA!

Godzilla Tower - Visit the "Chairman" of the Godzilla Tower and read movie reviews, download and play kaiju games, take quizzes, and visit the kaiju museum.

Henshin! Online - A definite must visit site for fans of Asian sci-fi, fantasy, and horror films! Fans of Godzilla and Ultraman may want to keep a close eye on this site.

Michael's Godzilla vs. Destroyer Homepage - Very well put together fan-site that's devoted solely to thefinal Heisei Godzilla film, Godzilla vs. Destoroyah!

Neo Monster Island - The online home of "Twisted Kaiju Theater!" Also be sure to check out their "kaiju girls" archives if you're into giant monsters and/or anime!

Rubber Monster - Yet another Godzilla site that hasn't been updated since Godzilla 2000 reared its ugly head. This site features original kaiju stories, behind the scenes photos of Godzilla films, movie reviews, photogalleries, and various midis and other sound files to download.

Sci-Fi Japan - This site works closely with many film companies, so they get all the latest news and updates that us kaiju fans crave.

Toho Kingdom - An excellent online source of kaiju knowledge! This massive archive is updated almost daily and features information on every Godzilla film and kaiju film imagineable, movie reviews, exhaustive kaiju profiles, and more!




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